About Us

Vitiligo.Clinic is a partnership between three of the world’s leading Dermatologists – Professor Torello Lotti, Professor Michael Tirant and Professor Davinder Parsad.

It began in 2015, when Dr Michael Tirant, was travelling in Europe and was introduced to one of the world’s leading Dermatologists, Professor Dr. Torello Lotti MD, MD (Hon). Prof. Dr. Lotti had heard about Dr Tirant’s psoriasis treatment and wanted to learn more about his treatment protocols and the ingredients that are used in his formulations. Whilst discussing his psoriasis treatment Dr. Tirant advised Prof. Lotti that he had treatments for other skin conditions including Vitiligo. This sparked Prof. Lotti’s interest as he has a special interest in Vitiligo and is the Chair of the Board and co-founder of the Vitiligo Research Foundation.

In December of 2016, whilst chairing the XX Master Class on Vitiligo in Rome, Prof. Lotti introduced, now Prof. Tirant, to Professor Davinder Parsad. The three Professors found they shared a common interest in their hope of finding a way to provide Vitiligo patients with a cost-effective access to Practitioner/ Dermatologist consultations, and in providing an integrated alternative treatment for Vitiligo that could be used alone or in combination with mainstream Vitiligo treatments.

The outcome was the creation of the Vitiligo.Clinic. The clinic draws on the vast experience of Professors Lotti and Parsad, their research and knowledge of mainstream vitiligo treatments combined with Prof. Tirant’s knowledge of Integrated Dermatology and Treatment Protocols.

“The co-ordination of the international research on the preclinical and clinical studies were organised and carried out by the Centre for Multidisciplinary Regenerative Research of the University of Rome G. Marconi”



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To provide quality, affordable consultations, cutting edge treatments and ongoing support to those with vitiligo, worldwide.

For many of the 50 million suffers around the world who have vitiligo, the ability, for the vast majority, to access a Dermatologist for a consultation is restricted. Often many people go untreated.

The Vitiligo.Clinic will also provide access to cutting edge Integrated Vitiligo Treatments that combine Scientific and Herbal research with years of clinical testing. These treatments have been formulated by Prof. Tirant and are a combination of mainstream ingredients, herbal extracts, essential oils and active compound isolates. The treatments include both topicals and orals and can be used alone or in combination with various mainstream treatments.

Our aim is to provide a resource for people with vitiligo where they can access a Practitioner/ Dermatologist using email telemedicine. This keeps the cost to a minimum, making a consultation far more affordable. The Initial Consultation fee is a fraction of the cost that would be normally charged for a “Face to Face” consultation and is reduced even further for Review Consultations.