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“We”, “us” or “our” refers to Vitiligo.Clinic®, a business incorporated in Victoria, Australia, whose registered office is at 374 Nepean Highway, Frankston, Australia, VIC, 3199. “I”, “You” or “yours” refers to “yourself”, the person who has submitted personal details on this website are agreeing to use the Online Consultation Service. “Website” means these linked web pages which allow an Online Consultation Service to be performed by a Practitioner for the purpose of seeking treatment for the “specified” skin condition. This web site, hereinafter called “the site”, is owned and operated by Michael Tirant Dermaceuticals, hereinafter called “Vitiligo.Clinic”. Vitiligo.Clinic maintains the site as a service to its visitors, subject to the following terms and conditions concerning the use of the site. When you use the site, you accept the Terms of Service, hereinafter called “the terms”. If you do not agree to the terms, you may not use the service. Vitiligo.Clinic reserves the right to modify content on the site, and the terms, periodically without prior notice. Vitiligo.Clinic Online Consultation is designed to handle non-emergency skin conditions. You should not use Vitiligo.Clinic Online Consultation if you are experiencing a medical emergency. In case of a skin condition that is a medical life-threatening emergency, you should dial the relevant emergency service number in your country, e.g. USA – 911, Australia – 000, European – 112, etc. or go straight to the nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

Practitioner Online Email Consultation – Terms of Service

The Online Email Consultation Service and the treatments/products prescribed are subject to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. Vitiligo.Clinic cannot guarantee that an Online Email Consultation conducted through this Website will result in a Treatment or products being prescribed by the Healthcare Practitioner. By completing and submitting the Online Email Consultation Form, you declare that “You” wish to take part in the Vitiligo.Clinic Online Consultation service. This service is provided to “You” through the Online Consultation Form obtained from our website and assessed by our fully registered Healthcare Practitioner for a specified fee (See Product Payment and Delivery of Products). “You” give your consent for the information about yourself, your health and your current medications including, but not limited to, the information “You” divulge as part of the Online Email Consultation Form submitted to the Vitiligo.Clinic, to be viewed and exchanged by and between Vitiligo.Clinic employees and a Consulting Practitioner working for Vitiligo.Clinic for the purpose of conducting an Email Consultation. “You” understand and accept that this information may be exchanged electronically. “You” warrant and undertake that all information provided by “Yourself” in this Online Email Consultation Form submitted by “Yourself” to the “Vitiligo.Clinic” is correct and true and that “You” have not withheld information that “You” believe may be relevant or useful in any way.

Vitiligo.Clinic requires that the use of this service is available to persons who are qualified to contract. As a patient “You” must be over the age of eighteen (18) years. In the case of a patient being under the age of eighteen (18) years, a parent or guardian must accept and sign this agreement and must be present at all email, telephone, Skype and/or face to face consultations. The Parent or guardian by signing this agreement accept their responsibility to ensure that all treatment protocols and any products prescribed to the underage patient is carefully taken/used/monitored and secured at all times. All Treatment Protocols and products prescribed will be based on the Online Email Consultation Form completed by “You”. Therefore, the prescribing Consulting Practitioner and/or the Vitiligo.Clinic take no liability for loss or damage arising from our consultation service or products prescribed to “You” if you have failed to supply comprehensive and complete information or through omission have submitted incorrect or incomplete information. Vitiligo.Clinic has taken care in the preparation of the content of this Online Email Consultation Form. To the fullest extent permitted by the law Vitiligo.Clinic disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to the content of this Online Email Consultation Form and any subsequent Treatment Protocols/products prescribed.

The Consulting Practitioner, the Vitiligo.Clinic respective directors or related companies shall not be liable for any losses or claims arising directly or indirectly from use of this Online Email Consultation Service or its Treatment Protocols or any products supplied except that this exclusion of liability does not apply to any damages in connection with death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the prescribing Consulting Practitioners. All content of this Online Email Consultation Service and Treatment Protocols aims to facilitate professional Integrative Dermatology advice. It is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between you and your medical or other health care providers(s). You should make sure that you carefully read the Consulting Practitioner Email Report, Patch Testing advice, User Information, product packaging and labels prior to use. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem other than the skin condition you are seeking treatment for, you should consult your healthcare provider/practitioner. Please consult a doctor before taking any new product, particularly if you are already under medical care.

All services provided by the Vitiligo.Clinic is provided on a “best endeavours” basis. Email Consultations made electronically from this Website will be forwarded to a Consulting Practitioner as soon as possible. The detailed Consulting Practitioner Email Report will be emailed to you within 5 days after the submission of the Online Email Consultation Form. By submitting this Online Email Consultation Form you declare that the information is true to the best of your knowledge and you understand that failure to declare all medical history may result in failure of treatment and increased risk of possible complications. If any of these terms are held to be invalid or unenforceable then the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Your use of this Online Email Consultation Service and any purchase by you as the result of this service is governed by Australian Law and will be deemed to have taken place in Victoria, Australia and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Victorian courts.

Product Payment and Delivery of Products

Any charge for prescribed products made to you will be made by us and Vitiligo.Clinic will appear on your payment card statement.
Initial Consultation Fee is $40.00 AUD – an Emailed Report will be sent.
Review Consultation is $20.00 AUD – an Emailed Report will be sent.
Products – Charged at the R.R.P. will be advised to you in the detailed Email Report.
Postage & Handling – P & H costs will be advised prior to the detailed Email Report.

Please note: some countries apply a Customs Tax on imported goods. The cost of this tax is the responsibility of the patient.

Vitiligo.Clinic is not responsible for the failure of third party companies to deliver products to the correct address or within any particular time or date. You are responsible for signing for packages containing products but any signature provided by third parties at the delivery address given by yourself will be deemed to be receipt of the products and fulfilment Psoriasis Eczema Clinics obligations in dispensing that prescription. You will also be responsible to satisfy all local customs regulations and fees associated with the delivery of products from Australia to your country of residence.

You are responsible for providing valid credit or debit card details. We reserve the right to not deliver products to you if your payment details have expired or are invalid in any way. All reasonable attempts via email will be made to contact you in such instances to enable you to provide updated information to allow us to dispense the prescription and finalize postage/delivery.

Damaged Products:

If your products appear to be damaged or if the delivery appears to be wrong or if you have any other customer service concerns then please contact us on orders@vitiligo.clinic or +61 3 9770 5337. We will make every effort to replace any damaged products and/or answer your query. Please note that we are unable to accept returns or cancellations of products should you decide that you no longer wish to use the products or have opened product seals.

Privacy Policy:

Because we respect your right to privacy, we have developed a Privacy Policy to inform you about our privacy practices. You can request a copy to be emailed to you.

Intellectual Property Information

The site and the content within the site are the property of Vitiligo.Clinic and are protected by laws relating to intellectual property, including copyright laws, and international treaty provisions. The compilation, organization and display of the content as well as all software and inventions used on and in connection with the site are the exclusive property Vitiligo.Clinic. All Treatment Protocol information that is supplied to you in the course of the Online Consultation Service and in the form of paper documentation regarding your treatment is the intellectual Property of the Vitiligo.Clinic.

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy explains how we handle and protect your personally identifiable information. We do this in line with the broad principles set out in Guidelines on Privacy in the Private Health Sector 2015 published by the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner. The Australian Government Privacy Act 1988 is the applicable Commonwealth legislation. We reserve the right to modify or amend this policy at any time and for any reason. Any material changes to this privacy policy will be posted prior to their implementation. Questions regarding this policy should be emailed to info@vitiligo.clinic or sent via regular mail to Vitiligo.Clinic, P.O. Box 1430, Frankston, VIC, 3199 At the Vitiligo.Clinic, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of any personally identifiable information you provide us with. Personally, identifiable information is information that can be linked to a specific individual, and includes, but is not limited to, your name, address, phone number, email address, Skype address, date of birth, and Health/Medicare card number.

What information do we collect?

We only record personally identifiable information and other information that we reasonably require to consult with you. We may collect personally identifiable information such as your name, email address and/or telephone number whenever you contact us.

How do we use your information?

We only use your personally identifiable information for the purpose of providing our services and communicating with you in relation to our services. We send email appointment reminders unless specifically requested to not do so. We send email invoices and receipts unless specifically requested not to do so. We may from time to time send you email related to the services we provide, changes in this privacy policy, and other relevant matters. We may use your email address and/or telephone number(s) to contact you when you submit a suggestion, question, or inquiry.

Who do we share your information with?

We do not disclose information about appointment bookings to anyone except the relevant Practitioner. We may be required by law to disclose information you provide us with for the purposes of obtaining products or services. We may also disclose information about someone whose activities could cause harm to others (e.g. fraud). Other than in the circumstances outlined above the information you supply to us remains stored confidentially on our secure servers and is not shared with 3rd parties.

How can you control and access your information?

If at any time you want to inquire about any of the personally identifiable information that we store, or to request any amendment or correction to that information, please contact us.


Security Risks:

Most standard email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. do not provide a secured or encrypted means of communication. As a result, there is risk that any protected health information contained in an email may be disclosed to, or intercepted by, unauthorized third parties. Additionally, email messages accessible through personal computers, laptops, or phones have inherent privacy risks especially when the email account is provided by an employer, when the account is not password protected, or the account is shared. Use of more secure communications, such as phone, fax or mail is always an alternative available to you.


When consenting to the use of email through such unsecured or unencrypted systems, you are accepting responsibility for any unauthorized access or disclosure to protected health information contained within the message. Vitiligo.Clinic will not be responsible for unauthorized access of protected health information while in transmission and will not be responsible for safeguarding information once it is delivered. The Vitiligo.Clinic will take steps to ensure that any email with protected health information is protected prior to being sent to the requested address and will use the minimum necessary amount of protected health information when communicating with you.

Additional Information:

There is no guarantee that the Vitiligo.Clinic will be actively monitoring the inbox so responses and replies sent to or received by you or the Vitiligo.Clinic may be hours or days apart. Email messages may be inadvertently missed or errors in transmissions may occur. The Vitiligo.Clinic will not be responsible for any issues caused by delays in communications. If you have an immediate need or an emergency situation, you must contact the Vitiligo.Clinic by telephone or dial the emergency number valid in your country of residence e.g. USA – 911, Australia – 000, European – 112, etc. Vitiligo.Clinic staff will be utilized to monitor the inbox in order to properly direct or respond to communications received. Therefore, any information considered sensitive should not be included in your communications. At the Vitiligo.Clinic’s discretion, any email message received or sent may become part of your medical record